A life free of violence is a human right.

Piktogramm gegen Gewalt

Help for victims of domestic violence and stalking

The violence prevention center of Lower Austria offers counseling and support for victims of:

• domestic violence as well as for affected children
• violence against children
• violence against parents
• sexual violence
• violence in the immediate social environment

The aim of the support and intervention processes is to end the violence and to enhance the safety of victims of violence.

Physical, psychological and sexual violence is criminal injustices.

We offer psychosocial counseling, support and assistance

• ways out of the violence
• dealing with crisis situations
• drawing up dangerousness assessments and personal security plans
• restraining order / personal protection order
• reporting a crime
• legal requests / contact with authorities

The violence prevention center also offers native-language counseling or brings in interpreters if necessary.

Counseling is provided by social workers and lawyers.

All offers are confidential and free of cost.

Process support

Victims of violence, especially domestic violence and stalking, receive psychosocial and legal support. The violence prevention center of Lower Austria offers:

• information regarding charge and criminal proceedings
• assistance when reporting a crime and during court hearings and trials
• mental relief during all process steps
• offer of legal support and assumption of costs of legal representation 
 during criminal proceedings
• information on further steps, such as the Victims of Crime Act and psychotherapy

We support people on their journey into a more secure life.

What should you consider regarding your personal safety?

• contact the police in a dangerous situation
• have your landline or mobile phone ready to dial 133(112) in case of emergency
• take photographs of possible violations and document the incident (and 
previous attacks)
• note down the names and addresses of witnesses


One in five women will become a victim of violence at some point in their lives.


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